After the vows and the big speeches, most weddings will then transition to the reception part of the event. This is the most anticipated time for most of your wedding guests as it allows them to let loose and reconnect with friends and family. However, even a carefully planned seating chart is not enough to keep your guests entertained throughout the night. Downtimes can really begin to creep up on your guest’s energy throughout the night and it is your job to avoid this. Thus, the following includes a list of tips to keep in mind in order to avoid losing the energy of your wedding.

Interactive Table Items

Most wedding favours tend to be sort of dull, with only a few candies and pictures to take home. Let’s try to avoid this at all costs. Instead, utilize mini-interactive items at your tables. These may include small puzzles, trivia cards, mini-chess games, and much more. This will not only keep your guests entertained during the down times. It also can serve as a means to keep children entertained and at their tables without disturbing the adults at the reception.


No matter the age group of your guests, games are a sure-fire way to get everyone out of their seats and doing something. In order to truly allow everyone to participate, you should make it a note to add a variety of games to your list, after all, not everyone is able nor interested in playing the same types of games. Although some might like physical games such as mini-golf and twister, others might like a less strenuous activity to play, such as cards. There are several variations of poker and other casino games that your guests can play.

Photo Booth

Sure, everyone has a cellphone to take pictures throughout the night, but they really don’t capture the true energy of the reception. One of the best things to incorporate during your reception is a photo booth. There are a plethora of photo booth companies that provide an array of selections for you to rent. Some of them even provide props for your guests. Adding a photo-booth can be a great way to keep your guests on their feet, interacting with each other and even have something to leave with at the end of the night.

Lounge Area

Those centerpieces you picked out might look great, but nobody wants to sit at a round table the whole night and with the same people. Therefore, it is highly recommended to invest in a lounge area for your reception. This will allow guests to mingle with people they might not have met before as well as have somewhere to sit other than a hard-plastic chair.

Live Band

If there is something that really gets the people going, it’s music. Having a DJ might be the safe route to take but listening to a pre-recorded tape of generic music might not be the best for your special day. Instead, hire a live band to perform at your reception. Not only are you getting authentic and often original music to listen to, but most performers will keep interacting with your guests while the band rests.

Your wedding can be a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish. However, your guests might not feel the same emotions as you. Therefore, it is important to know what types of activities to implement into your reception in order to keep the energy up. Adhere to the tips listed above in order to keep your guests entertained throughout your big day.

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