The wedding venue that you choose to use for your special day is one of the most significant decisions you’ll make during the planning process. The venue will influence the quality of the event and how smoothly everything will go. And on your big day, the last thing you want is last-minute complications. So when visiting different venues, there are a few landmines to keep an eye out for before making your selection.

Complicated Contracts

Wedding contracts should be comprehensive, and often include multiple pages, but they shouldn’t be overly complicated or difficult to understand. Watch out for weird clauses or vague details, which can come back to affect the quality of your wedding day. There shouldn’t be any parts of the contract that forbid you from writing bad reviews online, which means that anything currently posted on the internet about the wedding venue isn’t the full truth. 

Cluttered Location

A cluttered venue will mean that you’ll likely have an event space that looks messy with items that are left out and detract from the beauty of the location. You’ll need more room than you expect when it comes to helping your guests navigate the space well or putting out enough tables and chairs. Items that are left out in the entrance or walkways can pose as hazards and also be inconvenient to walk around. It can seem minor, but slip and fall injuries can be serious, especially if you plan to have elderly family members attending. Only book a venue that appears spacious and well-kept to ensure that your wedding party and guests remain safe while spending time in the setting. 

Spotty Communication

You may fall in love with a wedding venue that you visit but begin to have issues with communication with the staff. Steer clear of establishments where it’s difficult to get a hold of the employees, or your questions don’t get answered within 24 hours. Spotty communication means that your needs and requests will likely go ignored and that the wedding venue won’t live up to your expectations. In-person or phone call interactions may also feel off if they don’t take your requests seriously or don’t seem organized with the details.

Choosing the right wedding venue to host your event requires more than finding a beautiful place to exchange your vows. There are other aspects of the establishment that need to be evaluated to ensure that there aren’t any red flags to ensure that you have a smooth and enjoyable wedding day. And if you don’t want to handle these details yourself, let a professional wedding planner take care of the stressful stuff for you.